seat-carLegal Proceedings

Unfortunately, a wedding in Spain is not just a matter of nice dresses, a big party with your family, lots of friends and love.

There is some bureaucracy to sort out, documents to be collected and lots of queuing.

If you are a resident or non-resident we will help you to deal with all the documentation and apply for the wedding permit.

Please note that:

  • At least one of the members of the couple must be registered in the municipality
  • This means that you must show that you own or rent a property in the municipality you want to get married
  • You will have to personally present yourselves to the relevant authority and sign all the forms
  • It will take about 30 days before the papers are processed and you can be married
  • If you want to get married in a church, dates will have to be applied for well in advance
  • After the application it can take up to six months for a church to give you date

We will help you organise the process correctly which includes registering the wedding in the Spanish civil registry and the consulate of the country where you are a nationalised citizen.