The new divorce laws in Spain have speeded up divorce proceedings.

The minimum marriage requirement is now 3 months.

A number of conditions proving marriage breakdown have been removed.

Judicial separation

Judicial separation is a step taken prior to actual divorce. Obtaining a judicial separation does not preclude either party from entering into full divorce proceedings at any time


You are allowed to get divorced in Spain even if both members of the couple have been married in other countries.


At least one of the parties must be resident in Spain –

According to the new Spanish divorce law the couple must have been married for three months before a petition will be heard

Some stages of the process

  • Request is submitted to the judge – to settle the financial arrangements
  • Dealing with child support
  • Negotiating maintenance payments
  • Agreeing visiting rights if children are involved
  • Overseeing final divorce settlement documents

Whatever action you are considering, we have a full understanding of the proceedings and you are regularly advised of progress.