Birth certificate

  • A baby born in Spain needs a Spanish birth certificate, regardless of the nationality of its parents
  • If the parents are not Spanish, they need to register the birth at the consulate of their own country
  • To do that, you will need the certificate of birth in Spain
  • A birth certificate is also needed when applying for Spanish nationality
  • You may require a birth certificate of the person in question if you need to prove that any of your ascendants / descendants were born in Spain

We handle all submissions on your behalf, and forward the final certificates to you.

Marriage certificate

If you get married in Spain you will have to register the marriage in the civil registry of the municipality where you were married

The marriage certificate is required for:

  • Any application for Spanish nationality by getting married to a Spanish person
  • Divorce proceedings

For all those processes where proof of marriage is required, we summit the request to the corresponding registry and forward the certificate to you.

Death certificate

Any death in Spain must be registered with the consulate of the country of the deceased.

  • A death certificate is needed for:
  • Inheritance proceedings
  • To get married again if you are a widow or a widower
  • To establish widowhood
  • To apply for any governmental subsidy if you are a widow or widower

When proof of death is required, we will handle all the correspondence and submissions on your behalf and forward the certificate to you.