Spanish WillsIt is difficult for many people to confront the prospect of death, but this is an inevitable fact of life for all of us.

If you are an asset owner in Spain, it is highly recommended that you draw up a Will to protect your heirs against what could be expensive legal proceedings on your death.

This specifically applies in the case of large families with multiple assets within an estate.

Any property, or any new assets that you acquire in Spain should be protected by drawing up a new Will that includes them.

Our service includes:

Providing you with an English and Spanish translation of the Will document. Assistance with the Public Notary.

Single Will – 200 €

Will Package – Two Wills for 350 €


If you contract for a Single Will or the Will Package – simply download the blank Will form below, fill in the details and forward us all the information – including a copy of your passport – and we will prepare the documents and send you the drafts of your wills in Spain

Download our blank Will form (Microsoft Word document)