Differences between Residence Non-Lucrative and Golden Visa in Spain

RESIDENCE NON-LUCRATIVE Economic means Sufficient economic means at the time of the visa application, or proof of a source of regular income without having to engage in any business or professional activity in Spain, for the requested period of residence and in the following amounts: A monthly amount of 2,134 Euros for 2018 or its equivalent in a foreign currency to support yourself during the requested period of residence in Spain. A monthly amount of 532.51 Euros for 2018 or its equivalent in a foreign currency for the support of your dependents during their requested period of residence in Spain. The minimum income required is 25,608 Euros annually plus 6,396 Euros per each additional family member. […]

Spain’s Golden Visa modifications

With effect from the 29th of July, 2015, an important modification on the Spanish Golden Visa (Act 14/2013 of support to entrepreneurs and their internationalization. Section on international mobility) was approved. The modification until now has largely gone unnoticed. The Act corrects some of the issues that until now have discourage foreign investment and puts Spain at the head of the most advantageous options on the global scene in relation to conditions for obtaining Golden Visa or Investor. The new regulation facilitates people traveling, residing and working in Spain (art. 65. “The issuance of an investor residence visa shall be legally sufficient to reside and work in Spain during its […]